A wishlist for 2021

My mistress informs me that she will be able to visit me next weekend, but there are certain conditions…

To welcome her, at 3pm I must leave my keys under the mat outside the front door, then I must sit on a dining chair in the middle of the living room, naked apart from a pair of high heels and black hold ups (and of course locked into my chastity cage). In addition, I must tie my ankles to the chair and handcuff my hands behind me so that I cannot move; and wait… To add to the effect, I must be blindfolded and gagged and wearing headphones playing music so that I am unaware when she enters the flat.

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My thoughts on stockings

I was honoured when @more_matters asked me to host a prompt. Obviously, I chose a topic close to my heart, and being Christmas week, stockings seemed apt too!

I’ve been absolutely captivated by them since I was a teenager: they truly are a weapon of seduction! A flash of a stocking top can have the most dramatic effect: anyone who has worn them will know this, and it is our superpower!

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Trying new things: Naturism

Back when I was a teenager, there was a rumour of a mythical “nudist colony” not far from where we lived… I always had ambitions to visit, but was never convinced of its existence or had any knowledge of its location.

Some 30 years later when I moved to my current location (and with the help of newly available Google!) I discovered that there was indeed a “nudist colony” in my vicinity – about 1 mile from where I lived in fact and I vowed that one day I would visit.

So, finally another 10 years later I finally got to visit the Naturist Resort and Spa…

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Lockdown tales: PVC

Let me start with two apologies – one – it’s been more than a month since I wrote anything and two – it’s way too hot to be thinking of wearing anything made from PVC. Be that as it may, I thought I would share my love of PVC with you.

I first bought some PVC items for my girlfriend back in 2000, and we had fun with her wearing them. Latterly, inevitably, it is me that ended up wearing them. Alas, the skirt was not designed to fit me and has long since been consigned to the rubbish, but the the basque remains and is the basis of my Frank N Furter costume.

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Lockdown tales: Rope


Whilst cross-dressing is my obsession, there are many other things I like besides. One has always been the feeling of being bound tightly. Unfortunately, this is something I have largely had to pursue solo, and my rope skills are not up to much. Just as lockdown began I had found some local Shibari classes I was going to attend. Alas that will have to wait…

Meanwhile, here are some of my favourite images of self-imposed rope work.

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