Wishlist 2021 – part 2

They both stand, and with a quick tug of the lead, I must follow…

I am made to sit on a bondage chair and my ankles and wrists are fastened to the legs and sides of the chair so that I cannot move. Mistress wriggles out of her knickers and stuffs them in my mouth (again!). She straddles me, so that her face is close to mine. Her dress rides up, revealing her stocking tops, the man, naked, stands at my left shoulder.

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A wishlist for 2021

My mistress informs me that she will be able to visit me next weekend, but there are certain conditions…

To welcome her, at 3pm I must leave my keys under the mat outside the front door, then I must sit on a dining chair in the middle of the living room, naked apart from a pair of high heels and black hold ups (and of course locked into my chastity cage). In addition, I must tie my ankles to the chair and handcuff my hands behind me so that I cannot move; and wait… To add to the effect, I must be blindfolded and gagged and wearing headphones playing music so that I am unaware when she enters the flat.

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Our little secret

Here’s a little story I wrote some time ago…

Dani, the cheeky twenty-something girl from next door, seems to be forever watching what I do. I am always careful when I indulge my secret hobby of cross-dressing. Occasionally when I wander around the house in my lingerie and heels, I catch a glimpse of her looking directly at my windows. I hope I have remembered to close the curtains fully when I have been dressed up. She seems so curious about what is going on in here.

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