Wishlist 2021 – part 2

They both stand, and with a quick tug of the lead, I must follow…

I am made to sit on a bondage chair and my ankles and wrists are fastened to the legs and sides of the chair so that I cannot move. Mistress wriggles out of her knickers and stuffs them in my mouth (again!). She straddles me, so that her face is close to mine. Her dress rides up, revealing her stocking tops, the man, naked, stands at my left shoulder.

She takes his fast rising cock in her hands: his hands go to her head and guide his cock slowly into her mouth. She joyfully starts giving him a blow job and as he gets more turned on, he frees her breasts from the top of her dress and fondles them appreciatively. My cage twitches more and more as her body moves in a steady rhythm on my lap. I can feel the steel grip me tight as my own excitement rises. As the man approaches orgasm he pulls out of her mouth and deposits his load on her chest. Satisfied, he steps back slightly. Mistress turns to face me and with a smile removes her knickers from my mouth and says “lick it up”. I comply without question. My cage twitches fiercely and she continues to wriggle on me: I long for my hands to be able to join my tongue.

Needless to say, our little scene has attracted an appreciative audience. When she is satisfied with my cleaning she scans the crowd and asks “who’s next?”

To be continued…

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