Trying new things: Wax

Now you may be thinking “Alice wrote about this last month” – ah yes, but that was about being waxed, this is about wax play…

Last year I bought some body wax candles, but never got the chance to use them except on myself.

But on Friday I got the opportunity to share it.

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Trying new things: Chastity

Back in 2018, I was enticed in to trying chastity.

I have always like the feeling of being restrained, held tightly, and when a friend sent me a chastity cage in the post, it seemed like something I should try.

I started with an adjustable plastic cage with a small padlock. I tried it for a few hours here and there. Then took the plunge and committed to a longer-term and wore it for a week. I had to check in with my “keyholder” daily to ensure no cheating.

Being plastic, eventually the retaining ring snapped in two, and the cage was useless.

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