Lockdown Lockup

A while ago, I wrote about dipping my toe into the world of chastity, but that with manual locks a long distance relationship was not really viable as the spare key always remained in my possession. Then along comes the CellMateTM .

Look away now if you have a sensitive nature…

Controlled by Bluetooth and an App it allows the keyholder to be anywhere in the world and still have control of your lock.

I drew up a contract and got in touch with a friend…

And so, at 11.53am on Friday 29 August, with some trepidation and a great deal of excitement, I pushed the pin! The loss of control was total and I revelled in that feeling: I was at her command, under her total control!

Our agreement was I could earn “free time” by completing challenges for reward at her discretion.

She didn’t disappoint. Over the following days I had to take photos of different themes, compose poetry and learn the benefits of begging.

After four days I was complete putty in her hands, unable to concentrate, intent only on gaining her approval. My first free time was earned with a selection of outdoor photos. I got my bike and went somewhere I expected it to be quiet: just my luck a “fun run” was taking place – cue hundreds of people breathing heavily (for all the wrong reasons!) and not much peace and quiet to be found. Eventually I did find a couple of secluded spots..

For satisfying my keyholder with these, I was rewarded with 45 minutes free time. I am advised I could have earned more for riskier locations!

There followed three long days where I was relentlessly teased and denied. Finally, another challenge, this time to write her a poem. Now, if you have read my other poems you’ll know my poetry skills are not up to much, but with the pressure one I did my best. I post it below for you to decide if I should have been rewarded:

The contract began as I pushed in the pin,
Two weeks in chastity, I was locked in.
I had no idea how it would feel to be denied,
Not being able to touch my Pride.
I gave control to my mistress,
In whom I have placed my trust.
Now after a week, I have become quite tense
What would I give for release?
Relief, it may be awarded,
For challenges set, I am rewarded.
Photos here and there are posed
A poem for her amusement to be composed.
Another week to complete, am I able to complete this feat,
Or will I crack and beg for release?

In her benevolence, I was awarded 90 minutes free time for this. Fair?

After an hour or so, I confess I was almost missing wearing the device. This was strange and unexpected. The psychological effect is obviously immense – it’s like I am getting Stockholm Syndrome. I feel bonded to the keyholder and my emotional well being depends entirely on her communication with me.

As we enter the second week, another challenge. Take some photos with my shadow.

After sending her a half dozen photos similar to the above, I am rewarded with a one word answer; “impressive”. What does that mean? Will I be rewarded? I must wait until the following day to find out. At two o’clock she confirms that my reward is pleasing her. The emotional turmoil within my body is tangible: excited by her dominance and appalled by the lack of reward at the same time. Hours later she messages to say that this is what I signed up for and I shouldn’t expect it to be “easy”.

I know she is right. It is this interplay between us that makes this whole thing so exciting – the not knowing, the dominance, the dull ache of desire, the tease.

Finally, after some judicious begging on my part, I am granted seven minutes freedom. Seven minutes! That’s barely time to…

Then for three days, I am left to stew, until the final play. At the time agreed as the end of the contract, I get a message “What happens if I decide not to free you?” I had, of course, considered this outcome, but faced with it in reality I was desperate.

In many ways, I had become so dependent on her emotionally, that I was almost happy that this might continue. The game playing and domination was totally consuming me. I tried the best I could to convince her to release me, but deep down there was a small part of me that wanted to remain in my safe little box.

Pleasing her had become the focus of my life, to the exclusion of almost everything else. I was surprised by the emotional responses I was feeling. I had not expected them at all. Yes, I was expecting the physical responses to the tease, denial and dominance: that is, after all, why I wanted to do this in the first place.

If this reads in a jumbled way, then that is accurately reflecting how I was feeling throughout. I was left exhausted and deflated when it ended.

And yes, an hour or two later, I was freed.

Would I do it again? Oh yes! I think we both learned a lot and that next time the play could be tougher, with less free time, more challenges and perhaps (whisper it) for a longer period!

13 thoughts on “Lockdown Lockup

  1. I think that worked out very well and the thought of control had to be very overwhelming for both of you. I wonder if she shared her contract and your tasks with friends.

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