#DressoftheDay Part 2

Now 14 months into working from home I thought it only right that I updated the #DressoftheDay file as I have purchased one or two (38) since that last upload

So here they are, all 38 dresses acquired since this time last year…

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For the love of shoes…

I bought my first ever pair of high heels in 2014, when I strode confidently into Matalan (shuffled surreptitiously) and purchased a pair of black high heel sandals. I believe it may also have been the day when I bought my first knickers and stockings too: prior to this, my crossdressing had been confined to “borrowed” clothes and shoes.

Those shoes have long since been confined to the bin, but in 2016, I openly acquired a new pair to wear to the Rocky Horror Show: they remain my favourite pair to this day and I wear them often (New Look since you ask).

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Lockdown Tales #3: Selfies and Photography

There seems to be a lot of talk about selfies and photography today.

Photography has been part of my life for so long. The thrill of picking up your 24 prints from Boots is hard to beat. Though of course this could also be matched by the sense of embarrassment knowing what some of the photos might be of. Hoping against hope they had not been viewed too closely by the photolab staff…

Today, the thrill of seeing your shots is instantaneous, but there is no blushing in Boots.

My one regret is that I never had a model as willing as myself. In part this explains Alice: I love taking pictures of models in sexy underwear and with no-one else to wear it, I wear it myself.

Selfies have been a constant thing throughout my journey as Alice. I started posting pictures to Flickr back in 2012 and have documented virtually every occasion I have had the opportunity to dress up.

These days of course, that means virtually daily. I still post everything I take to Flickr, including some of the less flattering shots. There are now around 20,000 shots of Alice in various states of undress.

Since posting more frequently to Twitter, my style has probably altered slightly: I now take more “tasteful” shots which are acceptable for my timeline. This I think has helped me in my photography as I have to be more creative and the results are more pleasing.

Having access to a much expanded wardrobe and being able to shave my legs has also helped with the appeal of my shots too without doubt.

During lockdown, of course, the opportunities to take pictures have multiplied and I have been doing just that. I started #DressoftheDay in March not knowing how long it might last, but, finally, I am beginning to run out of new outfits to show off.

What will I do to fill my days next…

Lockdown Tales #1: #DressoftheDay

I have been working from home since the 5th of March, which seems like a lifetime ago. For the first couple of weeks, I was still able to go out and meet people, but living alone, it was still quite an isolating experience.

However, those early weeks allowed me to ease gently into lockdown, I suppose, and when the lockdown began I was already fairly used to my new routine and the lack of personal contact.

Usually, Alice is a fairly part-time hobby: I never present as Alice in public, and certainly not at work! Working from home was an opportunity.

On that first day, I put on my best office-type outfit

Appropriate office wear
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