20 thoughts on “Lockdown Tales #2: shoes and boots

  1. Phew Alice what a fashion show! I agree with May that the ankle strap red ones look hottest with the mega-cute kilt. I also love the gold combination and those buttery suede pale boots – those just make me want to touch …
    Wonderful that you’ve joined in here, show us other combinations soon xx

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  2. I love the way you have modelled all your shoes. Great photographs. I’d be no good in high heels. I had a pair of Cuban heeled boots when I was a student back in the 70s. I bought them in Carnaby Street. They looked good but I was always falling over in them.

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  3. Wow. You have a lot of shoes! You’re not related to Imelda Marcos are you? And you seem so comfortable in those stilettos! I am impressed!

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