Lockdown Tales #1: #DressoftheDay

I have been working from home since the 5th of March, which seems like a lifetime ago. For the first couple of weeks, I was still able to go out and meet people, but living alone, it was still quite an isolating experience.

However, those early weeks allowed me to ease gently into lockdown, I suppose, and when the lockdown began I was already fairly used to my new routine and the lack of personal contact.

Usually, Alice is a fairly part-time hobby: I never present as Alice in public, and certainly not at work! Working from home was an opportunity.

On that first day, I put on my best office-type outfit

Appropriate office wear

It was certainly a novelty to be able to spend all day as Alice.

My Alice wardrobe is not entirely “office-appropriate” to say the least, but what started out as making the most of an opportunity that was expected to last for two weeks, has now become a ritual that has lasted for six weeks and is likely to continue for at least another month.

I have been posting a #DressoftheDay pretty much ever since.

I am lucky that I still have a weekly routine, working office hours Monday to Friday with daily phone calls and chat with colleagues and still able to see my children at weekends. But without my online friends life would definitely have been much harder. I think the community spirit on Twitter has been amazing during this period and we have all helped each other along.

We look forward to the day we can all meet up and I no longer have to post a #DressoftheDay!

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