#DressoftheDay Part 2

Now 14 months into working from home I thought it only right that I updated the #DressoftheDay file as I have purchased one or two (38) since that last upload

So here they are, all 38 dresses acquired since this time last year…

Some were a bit of a disaster and probably won’t get worn much, and some have become firm favourites. Some you could wear in polite society and some you probably couldn’t.

Anyway, there they are. Let’s hope I don’t have time to buy another 38 before I get the chance to wear them out out…

8 thoughts on “#DressoftheDay Part 2

  1. There are some wonderful dresses here, Alice. And some being a disaster… I know that so well. This coming weekend I want to clear out all those disastrous dresses…which means I will have room to buy new ones 😉
    ~ Marie

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