Trying new things: waxing

I have been shaving my legs for nigh on four years, my chest for probably a bit longer, and my testicles for probably 20 years or so. I have come to love the smooth feel of my hair free skin. But after a shave, the stubble returns very quickly….

For a few years now I have been promising myself to try a waxing…

2020 was going to be the year. I was settled, content, made lots of new friends and was filled with a new sense of self-confidence after many-a-year of being made to feel wrong!

However, events conspired against us all and all plans were cancelled or postponed.

So, in early 2021, as lockdown eased, I made the decision I would give it a try.

I found a local salon that advertised male waxing including intimate waxing and after much prevaricating, I made the call and booked an appointment.

As the day approached I got quite nervous, not just about the pain, but also going to a waxing salon as a “man”. Yes, it is quite normal for men to get waxed these days, but certainly not men from my generation.

Anyway, I had made the appointment and there was no way I was going to bottle it…

Obviously, the therapist took it completely in her stride and was very matter of fact – “you can leave all your clothes over there and then lie on the table please”.

And damn, sometimes it hurt – particularly on loose skin and on the chest. Surprisingly the “crack” bit of “back, sack and crack” was the least painful which was a relief. Being on all fours on a table whilst someone covers your crack in wax is not the most dignified activity I’ve ever had the pleasure to take part in, but at least it didn’t hurt as well!

Anyway, immediately afterwards I looked like the inevitable plucked chicken, but I’m pleased to say within 24 hours the redness had gone, though I was still left with a rash like goosebumps. Some expensive exfoliating scrub later and that is fading fast.

And yes, I love the smooth feeling of my skin now and will be booking another appointment soon…

9 thoughts on “Trying new things: waxing

  1. I love going for a wax once a month. The hairs are a lot softer when they grow back, and less grow back too. Thankfully I never have to stand on my knees. I lie on my side, and hold my one buttock up for her to get to where she needs to be 😉
    ~ Marie

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