The Perfect Twitter Selfie

I love to share my photos online and use a variety of platforms to share my pictures (over exposed!)

For every picture I post on Twitter, there are usually another 20 that I have taken. Often, I may share more than one, but I am mindful of where the photos will be seen.

On Flickr anything goes and I have been posting as Alice on there since day 1 (2012). I make it a rule to post everything I take there and so it can get busy! Often this involves a series, starting with my Twitter-friendly #DressoftheDay and ending up naked.

I recently started to post a few things on OnlyFans too and, again, anything goes there too.

Then on WordPress, I always publish related pictures, but again with an element of self-censorship (except today!)

Then there is Twitter.

I try and keep the best ones for my timeline and #DressoftheDay keeps me busy.

Fleets – a new thing that I usually end up posting when a little tipsy. As these are not directly seen in anyone’s timeline, I feel you can be a little more risquΓ©.

So here is an example of a picture I took for Twitter, plus all the others that you didn’t see (unless you follow me on Flickr too). A (nearly) complete set from a day in February, warts and all!

From Twitter friendly to completely uncensored…

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