Trying new things: waxing

I have been shaving my legs for nigh on four years, my chest for probably a bit longer, and my testicles for probably 20 years or so. I have come to love the smooth feel of my hair free skin. But after a shave, the stubble returns very quickly….

For a few years now I have been promising myself to try a waxing…

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For the love of shoes…

I bought my first ever pair of high heels in 2014, when I strode confidently into Matalan (shuffled surreptitiously) and purchased a pair of black high heel sandals. I believe it may also have been the day when I bought my first knickers and stockings too: prior to this, my crossdressing had been confined to “borrowed” clothes and shoes.

Those shoes have long since been confined to the bin, but in 2016, I openly acquired a new pair to wear to the Rocky Horror Show: they remain my favourite pair to this day and I wear them often (New Look since you ask).

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Wishlist 2021 – part 2

They both stand, and with a quick tug of the lead, I must follow…

I am made to sit on a bondage chair and my ankles and wrists are fastened to the legs and sides of the chair so that I cannot move. Mistress wriggles out of her knickers and stuffs them in my mouth (again!). She straddles me, so that her face is close to mine. Her dress rides up, revealing her stocking tops, the man, naked, stands at my left shoulder.

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