Going Out Out

In mid-September I went to a pub in Nottingham. No big deal you might think: except it was. A very, very big deal for me. It was the first time I went out in public as Alice.

I feel that needs saying again: it was the first time I went out in public presenting as Alice! For the first time.

Standing by the door of my hotel room, my heart was beating like a drum and I could hardly breathe. Those first few steps were the hardest: we got to the lift unseen, but then I had to walk through reception. I held my breath as the lift doors opened and walked as quickly as I could, not looking right or left. Past total strangers in the lobby and outside drinking.

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Trying new things: waxing

I have been shaving my legs for nigh on four years, my chest for probably a bit longer, and my testicles for probably 20 years or so. I have come to love the smooth feel of my hair free skin. But after a shave, the stubble returns very quickly….

For a few years now I have been promising myself to try a waxing…

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For the love of shoes…

I bought my first ever pair of high heels in 2014, when I strode confidently into Matalan (shuffled surreptitiously) and purchased a pair of black high heel sandals. I believe it may also have been the day when I bought my first knickers and stockings too: prior to this, my crossdressing had been confined to “borrowed” clothes and shoes.

Those shoes have long since been confined to the bin, but in 2016, I openly acquired a new pair to wear to the Rocky Horror Show: they remain my favourite pair to this day and I wear them often (New Look since you ask).

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