Naked in a field

Lsst year I took my first steps into naturism and joined the local club: this year, with the club now fully reopened, I was able spend the day there with a friend…

It was a quiet Wednesday afternoon and there were not many people there. As we walked down to the lower field, a few people said hello.

As we laid out our blanket, these few people came and sat on the nearby bench. We knew exactly what they wanted: there always going to be a few voyeurs at a naturist club after all.

They pretended not to notice as I carefully rubbed suntan lotion into my friends body. When it became clear that there was to be no further action at this point, they wandered off.

We lay comfortably on our blanket just enjoying the wonderful feeling of being naked outdoors.

From time to time our “friends” would wander into the field again to see if anything was happening or pass us by just inside the wooded fringe.

After a while, tongues mingled and fingers wandered and we didn’t notice or care if we were being watched.

As she came against my fingers, she begged for my cock to be inside her: I did not need asking twice.

Yes, we fucked in a field and the knowledge we were being watched only heightened the excitement!

Later, we wandered through the woods together, enjoying the peace and quiet.

After a freshen up at home, we were back for the evening party, quieter than hoped being midweek, but a chance to dance and have fun as Alice.

As Summer fades, I look forward more of the evening parties: there is even a trans/cross-dresser night to look forward to. Feel free to join me…

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