Trying new things: Wax

Now you may be thinking “Alice wrote about this last month” – ah yes, but that was about being waxed, this is about wax play…

Last year I bought some body wax candles, but never got the chance to use them except on myself.

But on Friday I got the opportunity to share it.

As I knelt over my partner and lit the candle, it also sparked a devilish feeling within – seeing the anticipation in her eyes brought a big grin to my face.

I started gently, a few drips to the tummy and the yelps and wriggling that followed only increased the devilish feeling within.

Then the next obvious place to drip is the nipples. Sharp intakes of breath, yelps and wriggling ensued. I was really enjoying this (but I knew I would pay later).

I dripped a trail down her body to between her legs: the yelps and wriggling increased, spoiling my aim.

OK, I thought, if I have the fingers of one hand deep inside her and drip with the other I may be able to control her movements better. Well it worked to a degree, but it certainly made it more fun.

Then came my turn, and I knew I was in trouble for the pain I had caused her and she took great delight in making sure the hot wax dripped on the most sensitive areas causing me to yelp and wriggle too.

For fun and erotic charge it can’t be beat!

Pictures of me only and are from Friday and the self-wax session I did in January.

And a word of advice: don’t put the towel with the flakes of wax in the washing machine – I spent half an hour picking the flakes out of the drum…

As you can see, my partner wasn’t so sparing with the wax as I was when it was self-inflicted.

5 thoughts on “Trying new things: Wax

  1. Wow, what a special evening you had and it is too bad she did not want your handiwork shared. She really had a great deal of fun with you. I guess she did not want to make sure to give you a good test of pleasure and pain.

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