Over exposed

My passion for sharing selfies and lingerie were born together, in parallel. It didn’t take me long to realise that pictures of me in a pair of knickers got more attention than just plain, dull boxer shorts.

And so it began…

I love to take sexy pictures of myself and have been sharing them online for many years. Firstly on Flickr, then latterly on Twitter and now here on my blog too. Three platforms, three differing audiences and three versions of each picture.

My first pictures of Alice were taken as a result of an online request from someone wishing to see me in my (ex) wife’s clothes. I found the prospect thrilling to say the least, and it sparked something in me that continues to find it thrilling to share pictures of myself.

It was the responses I started getting on Flickr that encouraged me to continue and develop Alice into more than just a few pictures. Being Alice made me feel good about myself, brimming with confidence and sass.

I do still like to be set a challenge and love to fulfil other people’s requests which has led to some of my more risky outdoor shots.

I do love the thrill of doing something illicit or “wrong” and sometimes I am made to push my boundaries, or sometimes I just push them myself.

Oftentimes, just being in a public place as Alice can feel more exposed than being naked: from that first rush of venturing out into the garden to being on the front drive; from driving around in the car and posing in a field; from taking selfies in the office toilets to posing in the bosses office…

I never feel so exposed as when I am Alice in a public place.

18 thoughts on “Over exposed

  1. Thank you for your latest post. I have known you for many years and I am just as thrilled now as the first time I saw you. You look so lovely as Alice and I enjoy your selfies immensely.

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