Trying new things: Chastity

Back in 2018, I was enticed in to trying chastity.

I have always like the feeling of being restrained, held tightly, and when a friend sent me a chastity cage in the post, it seemed like something I should try.

I started with an adjustable plastic cage with a small padlock. I tried it for a few hours here and there. Then took the plunge and committed to a longer-term and wore it for a week. I had to check in with my “keyholder” daily to ensure no cheating.

Being plastic, eventually the retaining ring snapped in two, and the cage was useless.

Then in 2019, I found some reasonably priced stainless steel cages. I bought one, then a second, and finally a third.

I let my former keyholder know and she immediately demanded the keys. Now it would be irresponsible to give away both keys to the lock. These are sturdily made and would require the Fire Brigade to free me in an emergency. We compromised. I gave her one key and set the other in ice in the freezer. I wore it for two weeks.

After a while, I almost forgot it was there; your body adapts to the circumstances.

But when you do become aware of it, the feeling can be delicious: like being gripped very tightly, which kind of sets off a feedback loop, if you know what I mean. It feels like it radiates energy that spreads throughout your body

Since then, I wear it for limited periods as I enjoy the vice like grip it gives me.

Not being in a relationship means I don’t get to experience the joy of deny, tease and release, but maybe one day I will find my perfect keyholder…

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