A final challenge for #LockedUpforLockdown

For those who have been following closely, it should be obvious that I embarked on another two weeks of chastity for the start of the new lockdown, #LockedUpforLockdown with my keyholder, the incomparable @SexyEmilyOliver.

As ever, she has been inventive and creative with the challenges posed to earn a few precious moments of freedom, including the number of likes I could gain on a tweet and writing her an essay.

Today being the last day of my two week stint, just a few words on my final challenge from yesterday before I am granted freedom.

Magic Blue Diamond

Yesterday’s test was to take one of the magic blue diamonds whilst still wearing the cage; today’s is to write about it.

Now, I am no stranger to the little blue diamonds, I have taken them before as they enhance enjoyment greatly, and I had wondered previously about what the effect might be when wearing a cage, but had never tried it.

Now, the timing was not great, given that I am officially working from home and occasionally that work gets in the way of other things I may wish to do.

The first thing I noticed was that my face felt very flushed, and a quick look in the mirror verified that I was indeed “blushing”. Next, the world started turning blue; this is a common effect, but not one I had noticed before, but the world truly does begin to look very blue indeed.

Without stimulation not much else happens, but as soon as I looked away from my work and the mind was allowed to wander, there was a definite physical effect. Restricted by the cage, which grasps firmly, the effects are limited, but not in a totally unpleasant way. It pulls hard, causing uncontrollable twitching, with no simple way of relief.

A quick work phone call later and the effect subsides, rapidly (whilst many of my work colleagues are very attractive, that would be most inappropriate!). But then it’s back, with a vengeance as the mind wanders once more. This on/off reaction continues all afternoon, until finally fading away into the evening.

All in all a very frustrating experience, but then that is kind of the point: tease and denial.

The key to Freedom

So this morning, anticipating an early release, one final task before freedom is granted: write about your experience yesterday.

So here it is and freedom beckons at last, maybe.

8 thoughts on “A final challenge for #LockedUpforLockdown

  1. I love how you tried something new and enjoyed the experience. The pictures are really alluring- great poses. Thanks for sharing xx

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