Our little secret

Here’s a little story I wrote some time ago…

Dani, the cheeky twenty-something girl from next door, seems to be forever watching what I do. I am always careful when I indulge my secret hobby of cross-dressing. Occasionally when I wander around the house in my lingerie and heels, I catch a glimpse of her looking directly at my windows. I hope I have remembered to close the curtains fully when I have been dressed up. She seems so curious about what is going on in here.

Her and her family keep my spare key for emergencies. I hope they can be trusted. Last week, when I got home from work and followed my usual routine – suit off, lingerie on – I just had the feeling that things were not quite as I had left them. Surely I must have been mistaken, but I had to know for sure.

(It was quite exciting to think she might know, though!)

So I thought of setting a trap: this is what happened…

When I was sure she was watching my house, I made preparations to go out in full view, so she would know I was going to be a long time. As I packed the car, I waved to her to be sure that she noticed. I drove off and parked around the corner. I waited for a few minutes and inconspicuously walked back to the house, noting that Dani was not at her window! My heart beat faster. Could she really be in my house?

I quietly entered the house and listened.

I went upstairs: yes, there was definitely somebody in my room. Fearful, I stepped inside the room.

There was Dani with all my dresses and lingerie on the bed, rummaging through my drawers. We both froze. This was not a situation either of us were prepared for.

Wide-eyed, Dani tried to make a run for it, but I caught her before she could leave. She was struggling to escape, but I could not let her leave without talking to her. I dragged her to the wardrobe, and with one arm holding her tight, reached for where I knew my handcuffs were and managed to fit them to her wrists. She still looked like she was going to try and get away, so I managed to get a rope round her wrists and through the hook fixed to the ceiling. I tied it off and stepped back, breathless.

As I studied her in her short black skirt and white blouse, arms stretched above her head so far she was on tiptoe, I could not help but notice how beautiful and vulnerable she looked. There was still defiance in her eyes, and I was worried she would scream, so I quickly grabbed a pair of knickers off the bed and stuffed them in her mouth.

Finally, I sat down and observed her. Standing on tiptoe, her skirt had ridden up slightly to reveal the dark band of stocking tops. I tried not to be aroused, but instead spoke to her. There was fear in her eyes, but also a defiance, and something else. Were her pupils dilating? Her breathing was hard and fast, but after her exertion I would have expected that.

I asked her what she thought she was doing. She replied with muffled grunts, but I didn’t want to remove her gag in case she yelled.

So I lectured her. She turned her head away in defiance, but I wanted to make sure she was listening, so I got up and held her head so she had to look at me. There was fire in her eyes!

Finally, I said I thought she should be punished for being so curious and breaking into my house. At the word “punished”, her eyes lit up momentarily. She tried to hide it, but I had seen it.

“Oh, so you like being punished?” I repeated. She squirmed a little and her eyes lit up again. This time she did not try to hide it, but rather glared at me defiantly, daring me.

Before the moment was lost, I roughly yanked up her skirt, revealing in full her stocking tops and lacy black knickers and lightly brushed her bottom with my hands. I felt her body melt a little, and she squirmed slightly against my hand. I lightly spanked both cheeks and she whimpered a little.

Well, she really was enjoying this, it seemed.

I reached in the cupboard for my crop and showed it to her and her eyes said “yes please”.

I gave her a couple of light taps and her breathing quickened. A couple more, slightly harder, and she whimpered. Four more, short and sharp. She tried to bring her bottom up to meet each stroke it seemed. When I stopped, she sighed; when I rested the crop on her bottom again, she wriggled in anticipation.

I had never done this before, but I felt my own desire rising rapidly. I stood behind her and held her and whispered in her ear “You want some more?”. She nodded firmly with conviction. “But properly this time” I added: she nodded enthusiastically.

I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of her skirt and pushed it to the floor in one swift movement. With my face now level with her bottom, I kissed it gently. I stood up and did the same with her knickers, kissing her bottom again. As I stood up again, she tilted her head, inviting me to kiss her neck. Then with sudden force, I ripped open her blouse, the buttons flying in all directions. I did it again with her bra. She was now effectively naked in front of me.

I stepped around to face her and studied her closely. She looked down to avoid my gaze, but with the crop I gently raised her chin and she greeted me with a look of desire and defiance.

I stepped to one side and teased her bottom with the crop. A gentle tap to get my aim; four more with increasing intensity. With the final one, she yelped and I stopped. She looked at me with eyes that said “more, please”. This time six, each a little harder than the previous one. No yelps, but her breathing quickened to become panting. I stepped in front of her again to observe.

I traced down her body with the crop and she squirmed at its gentle touch. I stepped forward and removed the knickers from her mouth, confident now that she would not yell, and kissed her hard. I then traced a similar route with my tongue, slowly down her body. I flicked my tongue against her hardening nipples and she breathed in sharply. I bit one and she quivered all over: I bit the other and she quivered again. My hand went between her legs and I felt how wet she was. Her breathing became erratic as I delicately teased her and harder as I probed her. As my tongue joined my fingers, she moaned and cried out. As she edged closer to orgasm, her moaning became louder. I replaced the gag quickly and continued, her muffled cries still seeming too loud.

I stopped what I was doing and took the crop to her bottom once more: six swift hard strokes.

My hand went back between her legs and my other stroked her bottom. She was getting closer now, her eyes told me. I stopped again, prolonging her wait again.

Another six swift strokes. She yelped and her eyes begged me to touch her again.

With two fingers and my thumb I felt her again and this time did not stop. She came hard and fast, thrusting against my fingers, and yet still I didn’t stop.

Finally she whimpered and her body went limp. I caught her as she slumped and kissed her tenderly. I quickly undid the rope and laid her down gently on the bed and stroked her body all over.

She looked up at me with wide eyes, the defiance gone, only tenderness now.

“This must remain our little secret” I said quietly, and she nodded her acquiescence.

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