A wishlist for 2021

My mistress informs me that she will be able to visit me next weekend, but there are certain conditions…

To welcome her, at 3pm I must leave my keys under the mat outside the front door, then I must sit on a dining chair in the middle of the living room, naked apart from a pair of high heels and black hold ups (and of course locked into my chastity cage). In addition, I must tie my ankles to the chair and handcuff my hands behind me so that I cannot move; and wait… To add to the effect, I must be blindfolded and gagged and wearing headphones playing music so that I am unaware when she enters the flat.

When she arrives, she may announce her presence by a quick tug on my cage: she does not speak but continues to tease me for a while. When she is ready, she removes the gag but replaces it with her knickers.

Removing the mask and headphones, she makes herself comfortable on my sofa, yet still she does not speak. She crosses her legs, her dress riding up a little to reveal the tops of her hold ups. Uncrossing her legs, she reveals (as we know) that she is not wearing any knickers. Idly, she strokes between her legs.

My cage, already taut with the anticipation that has been building for the last hour, twitches uncontrollably, its steely grip tightens.

She stands and casually unzips her dress, allowing it to fall to the floor and kicks it away. As she sashays toward me, my breath comes in short gasps: She straddles me and whispers gently in my ear “Alice, would you like to touch?” She wriggles a little, making sure my cage rubs against her. Feeling her nakedness against me intensifies the twitching of my cage as she presses against me gently. I nod vigorously.

She kneels before me and unties my ankles and attaches a lead to my cage, standing up, gently she tugs, so that I too must stand and follow her to the sofa. She sits, and motions for me to kneel before her and removes my gag. She straightens a leg and suggests I start kissing her ankles and work my up to the top of her hold ups. This is repeated for the other leg. Finally, she opens her legs and presses my head firmly between them. I lick and suck as she begins to squirm and her breath comes faster and faster. Finally she comes, loudly and violently.

Then she leans forward and tells me her plans for the evening.

We are heading for the Fetish night at the local club.

So, we head off to the club: me naked under my coat, she in her drop dead little black dress: I have no idea if she is wearing underwear or not…

In the car park of the club, I remove my coat and put on my high heels. My cage pulses in anticipation. She handcuffs my hands behind my back, attaches the lead to my cage and leads the way.

As she sashays confidently into the club, I totter in behind her, nervous about what may happen. Heads turn and give her admiring glances: I notice that a few linger on me and the cage also. She makes sure to parade me round the floor. When she is sure that everyone has seen us, she kisses me deeply and then sits, leaving me standing, exposed and nervous, but also highly excited.

I scan the room and notice the people for the first time – all either naked or in some form of lingerie/BDSM wear. I smile.

Then, my mistress turns our table indicator to “YES” – this is to inform others that we are open to approaches. She orders a drink and sits back and plays with her long auburn hair…

I notice a number of people take note of our status and check us out. As my mistress sips her drink, eventually someone comes over to chat. A short discussion between my mistress and him ensues, and I can’t make out what they are saying. They both stand, and with a quick tug of the lead, I must follow…

To be continued.

Where you lead, I will follow

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