My thoughts on stockings

I was honoured when @more_matters asked me to host a prompt. Obviously, I chose a topic close to my heart, and being Christmas week, stockings seemed apt too!

I’ve been absolutely captivated by them since I was a teenager: they truly are a weapon of seduction! A flash of a stocking top can have the most dramatic effect: anyone who has worn them will know this, and it is our superpower!

I can still remember the first pair I bought: fishnets, for my girlfriend from Fenwick’s in Newcastle. I recall being somewhat embarrassed as a teenager going into the lingerie department of big department store…

Since then the fear and embarrassment has subsided, though the thrill of buying them for yourself still causes a little frisson of excitement, especially when the nice lady in M&S makes a joke about you trying them on yourself (true story!)

Tights were the work of the devil, and I cursed whoever invented them for many years, though I have come to appreciate them more in recent years (I even own several pairs!). Hold-ups have become much more prevalent in the years since I bought my first pair of stockings (1984 since you ask!) and these days they actually stay up too!

I first pulled on a pair of hold-ups and became Alice in 2012 and they effectively changed my life. Stuck in a miserable relationship, it was a real escape for me to become Alice, a sexy, confident person. A pair of hold-ups or stockings empower me and make me feel invincible. Since then I have never been more content than when wearing a pair. I challenge all the men out there to try them and see how it changes your life!

Since March this year, working from home, I have been dressing every day (as evidenced on Twitter), but looking at the photos I take with a critical eye, I just feel I look sexier and more confident in a pair of stockings! You are free to draw your own conclusions…

Finally, and this is the law, the suspender belt should *always* go under the knickers (except for occasional aesthetic reasons!).

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and may your stockings be filled with good things!

15 thoughts on “My thoughts on stockings

  1. Oh gosh Alice, these images are all so damn stunning. Every. One! I really love your collection of photos, and those stockings just look so sexy on you! Thank you for a great prompt to write about 🙂
    ~ Marie

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  2. I agree with you 100% that stockings are the sexiest invention of all time. It seems to me that the power of the sexuality of stockings is now somewhat underestimated. Yes, fiddle with them a little more, but the result …

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  3. These are amazing Alice. And I do say I particularly love you in white. Thank you so much for doing the prompt – it is so apt and so fun! Just what we need when the year has been very bleak. I wish you a Merry xmas xx

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  4. we have some similar mindsets when it comes to wearing hose. Love your style and hose and heel combos. Great legs and cute cheeks..
    I agree a good challenge foe all men to try them.
    Merry Christmas

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  5. Wow what a collection, both of stockings and of gorgeous images of you. I agree with you about stockings feeling sexy – they definitely do that for my mindset too. You have great legs by the way. Missy x

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  6. What a treat Alice, browsing all your images, you definitely have a way of projecting a different attitude when you wear the varying outfits, demure, sexy, vampy, frisky – you got it all babe and you have quite the stylists eye for outfit combinations. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and motivations too.

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