Lockdown memories: sploshing

I was recently badgered into buying some squirty cream, something I hadn’t bought for years, and it brought back some rather delicious memories…

Firstly, I apologise that I don’t have any photos to share with you for this particular fetish, or at least not ones I can share here.

And secondly, I had no idea covering your partner in squirty cream/chocolate syrup, etc. was called “sploshing” until quite recently.

Way back in the 90’s I found some novelty “chocolate body paint” in a gift shop and purchased it for my partner at the time as a bit of joke, but hoping against hope that we would get to try it. It sat forlornly in the back of the fridge for many a month…

But then an unexpected opportunity arose, and with it the promise of something else I had always wanted to try…

My partner and I had gone to the pub with a friend to celebrate his birthday: as a gift we had bought him some chocolate nipples (are you seeing where this is going?). As was traditional back when we were young, once the pubs shut, we returned to our flat to continue drinking.

After the chocolate had been consumed, I suggested some “real chocolate nipples”, thinking of the chocolate body paint in the fridge…

My partner looked at me quizzically to see if I was serious or not: she was never one to duck a challenge. I believe she said yes to see if she could call my bluff: she couldn’t!

And so the chocolate body paint got used. We started quite innocently on her back, but soon progressed to creating real chocolate nipples. Inevitably, this led to more clothes being removed and more areas being covered in chocolate paint. She was laid out on the futon as we both licked and sucked her all over. She came with a vengeance, looking into my eyes, as our friend had his tongue deep insider her.

Thereafter, I was hooked, on both threesomes and “sploshing” – cheesecake remains a favourite! It would be many years before I got to do the former, but the latter continued at regular intervals.

A few years later, I introduced my new partner to the joys of sploshing, but that, as they say, is another story…

5 thoughts on “Lockdown memories: sploshing

  1. That sounds like a really fun time. She seems to have been a girl who likely was willing to try almost anything. Precious memory.

    Liked by 1 person

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