Trying new things: Naturism

Back when I was a teenager, there was a rumour of a mythical “nudist colony” not far from where we lived… I always had ambitions to visit, but was never convinced of its existence or had any knowledge of its location.

Some 30 years later when I moved to my current location (and with the help of newly available Google!) I discovered that there was indeed a “nudist colony” in my vicinity – about 1 mile from where I lived in fact and I vowed that one day I would visit.

So, finally another 10 years later I finally got to visit the Naturist Resort and Spa…

It’s not like I had not sunbathed naked before: we had done it in our garden, on a deserted beach in Rhodes, and in our villa on holiday in Cuba, but these were all largely carried out alone or with my (ex)wife.

Rhodes 2003

I’d promised myself I was going to go last year, but never had the courage, or the weather was poor or 101 other excuses…

Then this year I was going to go to a fetish club night they hold there from time to time, but a worldwide pandemic intervened!

Then finally a couple of weeks ago I had no more excuses and the weather was scorching: I felt like I hadn’t been out for days – I needed to be outdoors. I went.

Inevitably it was busy, I had to queue to become a member and pay my admission fee. Then finally, I could find my patch of grass and take off my clothes!

It was wonderful to walk around naked among so many other naked people. I swam, read and dozed all afternoon.

Yes, of course I was careful about applying suncream to my most sensitive areas. Alas, I was not careful enough of my back…

Next time I go, I will take a spare pair of hands…

And I never did find out how we, as teenagers, had heard of this mythical place – but now I can confirm with certainty that it exists!

7 thoughts on “Trying new things: Naturism

  1. I use aerosol spray tan protection. That gets everywhere quite nicely. And someone can do your back without the necessity of touch.

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  2. I am glad you eventually ‘seized the dream’ and enjoyed it! (sometimes if things are built up too much, they disappoint). I am sorry about the burning, although it is comical to observe the finger marks on your side as you tried to make sure your skin had protection.

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