Lockdown tales: PVC

Let me start with two apologies – one – it’s been more than a month since I wrote anything and two – it’s way too hot to be thinking of wearing anything made from PVC. Be that as it may, I thought I would share my love of PVC with you.

I first bought some PVC items for my girlfriend back in 2000, and we had fun with her wearing them. Latterly, inevitably, it is me that ended up wearing them. Alas, the skirt was not designed to fit me and has long since been consigned to the rubbish, but the the basque remains and is the basis of my Frank N Furter costume.

So what is it about PVC that is so attractive? Is it that the black shiny appearance makes you feel more powerful? Perhaps.

Equally though, it can make me feel submissive and naughty…

And sometimes, it just makes you feel good…

Among these are outfits that I have worn out to Torture Garden, becoming braver on my second and third visits…

Whatever the attraction, I think we can agree that it is way too hot to wear it at the moment!

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