Wild times

Soon after meeting my companion, I joined Twitter (!) and followed her. Through her I began to chat and flirt with other girls, and so followed a few months of excess: a midlife crisis some might say.

Over the next nine months or so I met with several girls, all of who were wonderful: caring, gentle and genuinely lovely. Each experience was different, as I explored further the world of kink and cross-dressing. I was tied-up, pegged, spanked, licked bodies clean of chocolate mousse, swapped clothes with someone, had my clothes ripped from me, and even tried a golden shower.

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No Angel

This gets more difficult to write…

Life returned to the daily grind after the end of my “relationship” with the stripper. I wrestled with my conscience for the next few months; I was not enjoying the experience of being unfaithful but I missed the intimacy and affection I had experienced with her. I tried everything at home to gain favour, but it was all to no avail.

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Crossing the line

I never set out with the intention of cheating on my wife.

By being Alice for a few hours a week and occasional visits to strip clubs I had managed to maintain the pretence of a marriage. My wife and I had not had sex for years and any intimacy or affection seemed to be rapidly diminishing on her part. We made occasional attempts to make the situation better, but it was becoming increasingly obvious to me that long-term there was no hope.

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It's a Slippery Slope

The trouble with trying on your wife’s underwear is that you just want to keep on doing it! Over the next few months I had a few opportunities to indulge. As 2012 became 2013, it started becoming a more regular thing. I even managed to squeeze into her wedding dress (though I couldn’t do up the zip completely)…

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In the beginning…

The idea of Alice did not occur to me overnight, rather it was a gradual process culminating with the opportunity to try things out.

In the beginning, there was no Alice. For a while I was just a bloke wearing lingerie and resisted giving my dressed-up self a name.

I don’t recall how I picked Alice as a name, but I remember that I avoided names of people I knew.

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Alice begins…

Alice arose in 2012. There are myriad reasons why I suddenly decided to start dressing, but predominantly in 2012 was opportunity. My family were away for two weeks, leaving me at home alone with time on my hands.

My wife had a reasonable selection of lingerie that I had purchased for her over our years together: some of it was vanilla but pretty and some was a little kinky. None of it had been worn for years.

I gave it new life.

This is where I want to record my story, the good and the bad (and also the very bad indeed).