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Going Out Out

In mid-September I went to a pub in Nottingham. No big deal you might think: except it was. A very, very big deal for me. It was the first time I went out in public as Alice. I feel that needs saying again: it was the first time I went out in public presenting as … Continue reading Going Out Out

Naked in a field

Lsst year I took my first steps into naturism and joined the local club: this year, with the club now fully reopened, I was able spend the day there with a friend…

Trying new things: Wax

Now you may be thinking “Alice wrote about this last month” – ah yes, but that was about being waxed, this is about wax play… Last year I bought some body wax candles, but never got the chance to use them except on myself. But on Friday I got the opportunity to share it.


I’m generally a switch (what you do to me, I like to do to you too), but there is a peace and contentment in submitting yourself totally and voluntarily to others.

#DressoftheDay Part 2

Now 14 months into working from home I thought it only right that I updated the #DressoftheDay file as I have purchased one or two (38) since that last upload So here they are, all 38 dresses acquired since this time last year…

Over exposed

My passion for sharing selfies and lingerie were born together, in parallel. It didn’t take me long to realise that pictures of me in a pair of knickers got more attention than just plain, dull boxer shorts. And so it began…

A final challenge for #LockedUpforLockdown

For those who have been following closely, it should be obvious that I embarked on another two weeks of chastity for the start of the new lockdown, #LockedUpforLockdown with my keyholder, the incomparable @SexyEmilyOliver.

Another new fetish…Satin

After writing about kink v fetish, I started thinking more about the distinction. I think you could almost say I have a fetish for satin nighties… I just love flouncing about the place in them… I’ve chosen a few of the 400 or so photos I have of them.

Kink vs fetish

I read with interest A Scottish Lass’s definition of a kink as opposed to a fetish and it got me thinking about the difference. Normally, I wouldn’t worry about such things as I am not a big fan of labels (designer or otherwise), but I was prompted to think about my situation.

Lockdown Lockup

A while ago, I wrote about dipping my toe into the world of chastity, but that with manual locks a long distance relationship was not really viable as the spare key always remained in my possession. Then along comes the CellMateTM . Look away now if you have a sensitive nature…

Lockdown tales: Rope

Whilst cross-dressing is my obsession, there are many other things I like besides. One has always been the feeling of being bound tightly. Unfortunately, this is something I have largely had to pursue solo, and my rope skills are not up to much. Just as lockdown began I had found some local Shibari classes I … Continue reading Lockdown tales: Rope


February 2018. So, at last, freedom! All alone in my new home! Suddenly, for the first time in 18 years I was master (mistress?) of my domain! It was time for Alice to set off on a journey of discovery. Practically everyday was an Alice day. My wardrobe expanded exponentially.

Our little secret

Here’s a little story I wrote some time ago… Dani, the cheeky twenty-something girl from next door, seems to be forever watching what I do. I am always careful when I indulge my secret hobby of cross-dressing. Occasionally when I wander around the house in my lingerie and heels, I catch a glimpse of her … Continue reading Our little secret

New beginnings

So I found myself sleeping in the old garage. Meant as a short-term fix while I bought a flat, it turned out to be for longer than either of us would have wanted. Effectively in self-isolation every evening, I spent far more time than I ought to on Twitter and Kik. But it also gave … Continue reading New beginnings

#LingerieIsForEveryone #LiFE

I took this picture a few days ago, and I have to say it is one of MY favourites of me. I’d just spent 2 hours on a video WhatsApp call wearing this (with a dress on) and it was the first time my friend had met “Alice”.

But why?

A question I am often asked by people, and often ask myself, is why did I create Alice? I’m afraid I don’t really know the answer, but recently my memory was jogged to events that happened a long time ago that may give a few clues. When I was 10, I persuaded my (girl) friend … Continue reading But why?

The End

As 2016 rolled into 2017, life continued much as before. At home I felt increasingly isolated and excluded from family life: as Alice I continued to meet and have fun with several girls. Then, inevitably, came a showdown. My wife “inadvertently” found a pair of knickers in my work bag. She drew a perhaps inevitable … Continue reading The End

Going Underground

This was written in August 2016 after my first trip to a sex club. Since before I started cross dressing I have had a fantasy about sucking cock…       Recently I have been seeing an escort who is herself interested in t-girls. Last time I met with her she suggested a club called Sweet Wednesday and I said yeah … Continue reading Going Underground

Wild times

Soon after meeting my companion, I joined Twitter (!) and followed her. Through her I began to chat and flirt with other girls, and so followed a few months of excess: a midlife crisis some might say. Over the next nine months or so I met with several girls, all of who were wonderful: caring, … Continue reading Wild times

#RubbishPoetry for #SinfulSunday

The thoughts in my head tumble and fall Like a mountain brook in spate There is a solution to hand And that’s to masturbate But you see, there is a problem I hear it’s all the rage I’ve given away the key To my chastity cage

No Angel

This gets more difficult to write… Life returned to the daily grind after the end of my “relationship” with the stripper. I wrestled with my conscience for the next few months; I was not enjoying the experience of being unfaithful but I missed the intimacy and affection I had experienced with her. I tried everything … Continue reading No Angel

Crossing the line

I never set out with the intention of cheating on my wife. By being Alice for a few hours a week and occasional visits to strip clubs I had managed to maintain the pretence of a marriage. My wife and I had not had sex for years and any intimacy or affection seemed to be … Continue reading Crossing the line

It's a Slippery Slope

The trouble with trying on your wife’s underwear is that you just want to keep on doing it! Over the next few months I had a few opportunities to indulge. As 2012 became 2013, it started becoming a more regular thing. I even managed to squeeze into her wedding dress (though I couldn’t do up … Continue reading It's a Slippery Slope

In the beginning…

The idea of Alice did not occur to me overnight, rather it was a gradual process culminating with the opportunity to try things out. In the beginning, there was no Alice. For a while I was just a bloke wearing lingerie and resisted giving my dressed-up self a name. I don’t recall how I picked … Continue reading In the beginning…

Alice begins…

Alice arose in 2012. There are myriad reasons why I suddenly decided to start dressing, but predominantly in 2012 was opportunity. My family were away for two weeks, leaving me at home alone with time on my hands. My wife had a reasonable selection of lingerie that I had purchased for her over our years … Continue reading Alice begins…

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