Lockdown tales: Rope


Whilst cross-dressing is my obsession, there are many other things I like besides. One has always been the feeling of being bound tightly. Unfortunately, this is something I have largely had to pursue solo, and my rope skills are not up to much. Just as lockdown began I had found some local Shibari classes I was going to attend. Alas that will have to wait…

Meanwhile, here are some of my favourite images of self-imposed rope work.

I was lucky enough to be bound tightly once by someone more expert than me, and it was a truly blissful mind-clearing moment. Being at the mercy of an individual is something I recommend for everyone! Unfortunately, there are no photos of me in this position, but I remember it vividly.

I sauntered slowly into the bedroom in my silver high heels and flouncy baby doll nightie and allowed my hands to be tied behind my back. Pushed face down onto the bed, my ankles were then tightly bound. Then my ankles were tied to my wrist in a classic hog-tie. I was helpless to his touch. I was then turned on my back, with my head over the edge of the bed, still immobilised and unable to resist.

On another occasion, I was tightly bound with belts and a restraint. For this occasion, a couple of photos do exist…

I am still learning the ropes (so to speak) and have had the opportunity to occasionally practice on a friend too. Hopefully, after lockdown, I will be able to attend the classes I want so much, and hopefully meet someone who can tie me expertly.

6 thoughts on “Lockdown tales: Rope

  1. These are so enticing – I am always saying to ML Slavepuppet how much I enjoy the way rope ‘frames’ the body making sexy vistas all over your body – you look fabulous and I love how you dress up before the tying – truly an art form and it sounds so sexy too. I hope you get to attend those classes with other like-minded devotees!

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