#Lockdown Memories: Your Legs Are Shorter Than I Expected

One of the best things about becoming single again in late 2017 was the opportunities it gave me to meet new people. And what was the best way to meet new people – well turned out to be Twitter!

It was comforting (and still is) to be able to talk to people freely, without fear of being judged or condemned. I have made some wonderful new friends through Twitter, and I have been lucky enough to meet a few over the last two years or so. Some of them are even still speaking to me after meeting me, lol.

There is one particular meet up that has become almost legendary (in my little bit of Twitter anyway): #ThatLondon.

I was fortunate to be invited to my first one in September 2018. I was thrilled, but also incredibly nervous – I had never met anyone from Twitter before. It might surprise a few of you, but I am incredibly shy (Alice allows me to show off a lot more than I normally would) and my fear of rejection is huge, so I was understandably full of anxiety about meeting people. I almost chickened out and didn’t go, but fortunately I am also quite determined and resolved to throw myself in as best I could: after all, what was the worst that could happen?

Now, as much as you see Alice prancing around in lingerie on Twitter, in real life, I never leave the house presenting as Alice, plus I was going to a gig later that day, so it was strictly a jeans and t-shirt outfit for the meeting.

Your legs are shorter than I expected

The venue was a crowded cocktail bar in Covent Garden: how to figure out which group of people to introduce myself to when almost everyone is anonymous on Twitter?! Eventually I spotted a likely group of people and ventured over to say hello. A few nervous introductions, followed by the immortal line “Your legs are shorter than I expected”! A perfect icebreaker!

The next few hours passed in a blur and I met half a dozen or so fellow Twitter people, and each of them was wonderful. I felt such joy that I had met people who were happy to accept me as I am and that I had taken the plunge and attended. It gave me a real confidence boost to know that there were such people out there in the real world!

In the Summer of 2019, there was a second #ThatLondon. This time was far less nerve wracking – I knew what to expect and I already knew several people. A wonderful afternoon turned into a wonderful evening. I was a little braver in my outfit too!

When we were done, a couple of us met up with a few more people down by the river for more drinks. Then I had one of my most fun nights out – a first ever trip to the Way Out Club (a weekly party for t-girls/cross-dressers in a City pub) and a memorable cab ride home! (Perhaps more about that in a different post)

In January 2020, I was invited to a 3rd #ThatLondon. This time there were two dozen or more of us and it turned into a very noisy and raucous afternoon. I was even persuaded to wear my “slut” collar. Too many people to have individual conversations with, but wonderful to be among people I “knew” with no fear of being myself. By now braver, I painted my nails and wore a dress (under my jeans and t-shirt – not that brave!)

Many of the crowd left around 7, leaving only 3 of us to carry on the drinking! Probably best I don’t relate what happened, but let’s just say, we were basically asked to leave the bar…

A wholly memorable afternoon/evening.

Looking forward to the next time we can all meet up to meet new faces and see old friends. If we have a private room, who knows, I may even lose the t-shirt and jeans…

8 thoughts on “#Lockdown Memories: Your Legs Are Shorter Than I Expected

  1. Such wonderful, brave adventures. I cant imagine how much you have to screw your courage up to go out presenting as Alice – maybe we will get to meet sometime soon, I’m not far from #ThatLondon!

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