The Last Leg

In November 2018, I finally got to buy my own place; a maisonette, small, but all mine.

Moving in day

Luckily there are extensive built-in wardrobes in the main bedroom: my dresses now have their own hanging space. And I certainly need it now: those of you following me on Twitter will have noticed I am on about day 46 of #DressoftheDay. (I may collect all the shots here in one place in a Lockdown update.)

Finally, I felt safe, secure, and comfortable: I was home!

Honestly, I am a bit lazy and I was lucky the previous occupant left a number of things behind, a sofa, a kitchen table, a bed, etc. Obviously when I moved in I had nothing in the way of furniture, that all stayed behind at the family home. I have added IKEA furniture and painted the kids room and that is the sum total of my “hard work” so far.


But, I have been lucky in making new friends. From my first tentative steps in 2018, I have toured the country from the south coast to the coast of Scotland and met some amazing people and had some wonderful adventures along the way.

And so, my life story is now up to date. Let’s hope there is plenty more to write…

Alice, coming to a city near you soon!

Somewhere in North Yorkshire

Let the adventures begin…

11 thoughts on “The Last Leg

  1. I Love this Alice – you have found your niche, a safe place to express yourself. Please keep telling & showing us your adventures

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