New beginnings

So I found myself sleeping in the old garage. Meant as a short-term fix while I bought a flat, it turned out to be for longer than either of us would have wanted. Effectively in self-isolation every evening, I spent far more time than I ought to on Twitter and Kik.

But it also gave me the opportunity to finally be Alice whenever I wanted and needless to say I took full advantage of my new circumstances. I shaved my legs and chest and painted my toenails for the first time

I really began to engage with people on Kik and Twitter rather than just the occasional like or comment. I made friends with them, and discovered a community where I felt comfortable and happy.

Eventually I took the step and met with someone from Kik. I took the sensible step of meeting them first in a pub so that we could get to know each other a little, and then a week later, drove to his house. This was going to be another first for me: a “meet” with a single purpose. (More about “meets” later.)

In early 2018, I finally left the family home and rented my own place nearby. The feeling of finally having my own place was wonderful. For the first time I was able to stop looking over my shoulder the whole time and just relax and be myself. The weight of everything I had been carrying around for years was shed and for the first time I felt free.

One thought on “New beginnings

  1. Stella Stella , i do enjoy a cold Stella. You look lovely and shaved and smooth love those heels. nice job on the rope work. You do have sexy legs
    Looking forward to reading about your “meets”
    be safe be healthy

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