The End

As 2016 rolled into 2017, life continued much as before. At home I felt increasingly isolated and excluded from family life: as Alice I continued to meet and have fun with several girls.

Then, inevitably, came a showdown. My wife “inadvertently” found a pair of knickers in my work bag. She drew a perhaps inevitable conclusion that I was having an affair. I confessed they were mine. She was horrified and warned me that it should stop or there would be consequences.

I kind of hoped that this might be a turning point for us: I stopped being Alice for a while and tried for a while to be the model husband. It seemed, though, that whatever I did, it was never going to be quite good enough.

My wife went away for the weekend: inevitably Alice came to the fore. I couldn’t resist. I even tried make up and nail polish for the first time. By Summer, life was becoming pretty unbearable: the thought of spending two weeks cooped up in a tent with my wife was not exactly comforting.

I got the chance to have a day at home alone before the holiday and took it. It was the 5th anniversary of Alice. I thought I should have some sort of celebration and took many many pictures to post on my Flickr account and, to an increasing extent, Twitter.

The holiday passed without too much incident and we returned home. The following Friday, I returned home from work to an empty house.

Later, my wife arrived home without the children.

There was a confrontation: it turns out that unbeknownst to me she had at some point logged into my phone and discovered my Twitter and Flickr accounts and had been having the occasional snoop at what I was posting. That was it: I was out – I had to leave immediately. She didn’t want me in the house. I was unceremoniously dumped at the local hotel for the weekend.

This was it: the end. Yes, of course I was upset, but I also felt free. Like a great weight had been lifted.

Due to housing problems, I spent the next few months sleeping in “the old garage”. And that is when my adventures really began..

5 thoughts on “The End

  1. There was no chance your wife would play with you when dressed up? Sad. What has happened since then?


      1. I do understand this. My first wife was almost asexual. I tried to broach my need for domination to her but it wasn’t going to work.

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        1. Yes. At first she was sorry, and we thought about counselling but that would have required some compromise on her part which I could not see happening, as after all “everything was my fault”. So, in the end I gave up trying/bothering…

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          1. Counselling would have been beneficial if she had any investment in the marriage. It would have shown that it wasn’t all your fault. I’ve followed you despite the differences in our stories. There are some similarities though. I hope things are much better for you now—I expect over time you’ll let us know.

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