Going Underground

This was written in August 2016 after my first trip to a sex club.

Since before I started cross dressing I have had a fantasy about sucking cock…
 Recently I have been seeing an escort who is herself interested in t-girls. Last time I met with her she suggested a club called Sweet Wednesday and I said yeah maybe…
Then she mentioned that she did duos with a t-girl…I  said, hmm sounds interesting!

“Maybe you could take me to Sweet Wednesday…” I suggested.

 And so an idea was born.

I have been terrified, but so excited for weeks. This would be my first experience of so much!!

And so, five days ago I arrived in a bar at three o’clock having bunked off work for the afternoon, dressed in a smart suit, but with my slutty little black dress in my bag!

Broad daylight in central London sitting in a bar feeling nervous!

My friends duly arrived and we had a drink. I think they thought I might bottle out of it, but no, I was there with a purpose in mind, and I wasn’t about to give up.
So my t-girl friend, let’s call her Bea, took me upstairs to get changed. My cis-girl friend, let’s call her Steff, waited in the bar…

Slipping into my dress, stockings and wig, I was transformed. We went downstairs to the club in the cellar.

 It was dark and busy, and the smell of sex was tangible. We had a quick tour round the space. There were a couple of recesses that were dark and packed with bodies. As your eyes adjust, you can see two, or maybe more, bodies on the central low couches. Around them were maybe another half dozen men, mostly with their cocks out wanking.

After a quick tour round my friends checked that I was ok, and did I want some action….

I think they were still worried I might be a little shy, but no, I was happy to go in at the deep end.

So they led me to a vacant couch and we sat, me in the middle. As a cis-girl, Steff had certainly caught everyone’s attention, and an expectant crowd gathered…

A little unnerved, but keen, I started to kiss Steff.  Bea’s hand stroked my thigh and started to go higher, I wriggled to let my dress ride up and parted my knees. As my cock hardened, Bea stroked it through my knickers.

Around us there were suddenly six hard cocks being rubbed ferociously.

My right hand went between Bea’s legs and started to stroke  her cock through her satin knickers. I wriggled again and my dress was up on my hips, Bea released my cock and took it fully in her hand.

 For the first time ever my hard cock was on show to  half a dozen strangers who were themselves wanking! What a thrill to be the centre of so much attention!! Steff gave me an encouraging, but questioning smile, “was I ok with this?” My grin told her everything she needed to know. I kissed her again and whispered “thank you”. 
I pulled Bea’s knickers to one side and for the first time ever took a cock in my hand. My own cock grew harder at the feel of it.

Bea then pulled the dress up to my waist and kneeled in front of me and parted my knees. Now she was sucking my cock. Bodies pressed around us and there were words of encouragement being offered and hands groping us. More people joined the throng, eager to see and touch the three of us.

 My grin widened. My breath came in pants. I kissed Steff again, and my hand massaged her nipples. 

No, don’t make me come just yet I thought. 

Bea now stood up in front of me and I took her cock in my mouth; at last I thought, this is what I have been fantasising about for so long! My hands went round  her hips to grip her bum and give me more purchase!  I sucked and licked as Bea breathed faster. I brought my hands back round to the front to rub her cock as well. As I put my hand down to steady myself, Steff gave it a friendly squeeze, and I caught her grinning at me from the corner of my eye; she was pleased, the beginner was learning fast!!  Bea pulled out and squeezed my hand tight around her cock and    shuddered…
It was time for some air and a drink!! I stood up and pulled my dress down. We went upstairs to the bar and sat down with a well-earned drink.

After a drink, Steff gave a little grin and asked if we were ready for a spit roast….
So we descended once more into the darkness and once again found a spare couch. Our little entourage from before had spotted us re-enter and followed us in anticipation. Steff hitched her dress up around her hips and slipped on her strap on with a wicked smile. As the more experienced, Bea was up first. She knelt up on the couch and lowered her knickers and Steff moved in behind her. As she slowly entered Bea let out a big sigh. I sat and watched entranced for a while, and then my hand felt for Bea’s cock and massaged it gently. All around us cocks of all shapes and sizes appeared in hands.

With Bea’s cock in my right hand I stroked it in time with  Steff’s strokes. To my left, a large cock was being stroked suggestively. With my left hand free, there was only one thing I could do, and I grabbed it and stroked it too.

Steff grinned at me knowingly, and I grinned back. I was learning fast!

Again Bea held my hand tight against her and shuddered…she stood up and pulled up her knickers; now it was my turn…. 

Nervously, I adopted the position on the couch, hitched up my dress and lowered my knickers, Steff moved in behind me and I felt the cool lube on my bum, and then the warmth as she entered me, gently at first, but then building up in speed and depth. I wriggled in pleasure and pushed back against her. She grabbed the folds of my dress and controlled my movements to match hers. My breath came faster and I groaned in pleasure. Meanwhile, Bea knelt in front of me and guided her cock into my willing and wide mouth. The three of us moved as one, and I was lost in a haze of delirium, I hardly noticed the crowd around us  egging us on and stroking their own cocks, their timing  matching ours now and their breathing getting faster and  faster.
Finally, when I  could take no more, I collapsed onto  the couch, a wide grin plastered across my face…

I think it was time for another drink….

The crowd moved back and let us past, with murmurs of appreciation as we passed. After a quick adjustment of our clothing, we emerged once more into the bright afternoon sunshine in the bar. As we sat, a few people passed by and congratulated us on our performance. I can’t tell you how pleased this made me feel and I basked unashamedly in their compliments.

After a quick refreshment, we realised time was running out for my friends, just time for one more play…

This time Steff declined, exhausted from her earlier exertion, so, just me and Bea once more descended into the fug…

The crowd was thinner now and I found a little corner for us to stand in, my back pressed hard against the wall and Bea pressed hard against my front, a sense of urgency in her body.

With no time to waste she hitched up my dress and pulled down my knickers and held my rapidly hardening cock. In seconds she was crouching down with my cock in her mouth, moving rapidly back and forth. My legs turned to jelly and I had to press hard against the wall to prevent me collapsing.

I desperately wanted to feel her cock in my mouth, so I motioned her to stand up, while I slid down the wall into position. I took her cock in my mouth as she made a sharp intake of breath. And I sucked and licked her ravenously…

Then we both needed our bodies to be pressed together. I stood up, and Bea pressed against me, our hands reaching for each other’s cocks…

As we clung to each other in the near darkness, I could hear Bea’s breathing getting faster and faster. Finally with a groan I felt her come in my hand, as she stepped back, I brought my hand up to my mouth and licked my fingers with a lascivious smile. My first time ever tasting someone else’s cum!

With legs like jelly, we stumbled upstairs into the light again. Steff was waiting for us with an enquiring smile.

Unfortunately it was time for them to go…

I went upstairs to the terrace and took this picture, then I descended alone into the cellar again. I purchased a drink at the bar and had a look round again; the crowd was thinner now, but there was still action in progress in most of the recesses. I paused to watch here and there.

Finally I stopped to watch three t-girls having some action on a couch; there were a few other spectators. After a while, I noticed a man to my left playing with himself. For a while, I did nothing, nervous of what might happen.

Then I made a decision – I had come here with a purpose in mind.

I watched the man for a moment suggestively, until I caught his eye. I raised my eyebrows a little to indicate my interest, and he seemed to be pleased. I sidled over to him to say hi. I took his hard cock firmly in my hand an began to stroke it while we watched the action on the couch. After a few moments, a t-girl noticed us and approached us. She crouched in front of me and lifted my skirt, pulled my knickers to one side and massaged my hardening cock, when she was satisfied, she took it in her mouth. My new friend looked on in awe and wonder and his cock responded to my touch. “Can you do that to me?” he whispered in my ear. Who was I to refuse?

Gently I indicated to the t-girl what I wanted to do, and she politely backed away.

“This is my first time ever” I rasped, my throat dry, “Please forgive me…”

I crouched down and, for the first time ever, took a man’s cock into my mouth (Fortunately I’d had some practice earlier with Bea). But this was another level: he was much bigger and harder.

I licked and sucked the tip, and then took as much of it as I could into my mouth and moved back and forth. I could feel his short pubic hair at the base. Yes, I was doing it, and yes, I was enjoying it!

After a while, when my jaw was aching, I excused myself and went back to the bar. I had another wander round watching the action from time to time.

After a while, I bumped into my new friend again: he said he liked what I had done, and could we do it again. I couldn’t see why not: he was young and attractive.

He took my hand and led me to the far end of the darkest recess, squeezing past the bodies…

I leant against the wall and got my own cock out and wanked it hard, whilst he did the same. We touched cocks and played for a while. Then I took his in one hand and my own on the other and wanked us both. It was like a daze – I came violently in my hand and then suggestively licked my fingers. “Can you do that for me?” he said, “I want to come in your mouth”. I duly crouched again in front of him and took his cock deep into my mouth and sucked and licked while his breath came faster. As I pulled back slightly to concentrate on the tip, he took hold of his own cock and began to wank it too. I could feel him clenching, so I guessed he was close – I redoubled my efforts, and sure enough I was soon rewarded. I heard him groan, and a stream of hot spunk hit the back of my throat. At first I gagged, but it tasted so good, that I made sure I swallowed every last drop. I licked him clean and stood up with a grin! He was looking very pleased with himself too. We said our thank you’s and bade each other good night.

Yes, I thought to myself: I have done it, and I have loved it!!! I think it was time for me to leave!

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