In the beginning…

The idea of Alice did not occur to me overnight, rather it was a gradual process culminating with the opportunity to try things out.

In the beginning, there was no Alice. For a while I was just a bloke wearing lingerie and resisted giving my dressed-up self a name.

I don’t recall how I picked Alice as a name, but I remember that I avoided names of people I knew.

As for all first timers, the only lingerie available was that that I had bought for my wife over the previous 10 years or so: it languished in a box, unloved and unworn.

For work reasons, I could not go on the family holiday in August 2012 and so had two weeks at home alone…

That first day I rushed home with excitement and opened the box…

For two weeks, I wore nothing but lingerie in the house, and occasionally under my day clothes.

I shared my photos online (Flickr) and began to receive compliments and nice comments.

I was hooked!

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